Kris Allen T-Shirt

We just completed an illustrative shirt design for 2009 American Idol Winner Kris Allen.  The colors in the image below are different than what Kris finally decided to print, but this is what we initially sent to him (it’s our director’s cut‘, of sorts).  On this shirt, Kris wanted to depict the theme of each song on his latest record, all tied into one crazy-complex illustration.  Kris was really great to work with, incredibly specific about what he wanted us to design for him, and gracious, allowing us to handle this fairly painlessly.

Crafty Mart 2010

Unlike last year, Three Bears will not have a table at Crafty Mart this year. We didn’t have enough time to prepare for it. However, my friends at Bark & Hiss offered to sell anything that I might be able to conjure up between now and then. So I will again be selling the little needle-felt owls that I made for last year. So, if you’re in the area, you might stop by and check them out. Also, check out the photos I just found of our table last year, from Amanda Johnson. Lastly, credit for the postcard design by my friend Andy Taray.