New mewithoutYou Goods

I’m very excited to reveal that I’ve been working on a bunch of new projects for mewithoutYou. Last week, they announced their new album Ten Stories. I’ve been handling all of the design aspects of this record. As with their previous records, the artwork is based around a series of paintings by Vasily Kafanov, and I’ve been working on all other visual elements, including intricate typography, illustration and general layout. For now, the band is revealing a small puzzle piece of the cover, every week-day on their facebook, until the full cover is finally displayed. More to be announced soon.

The band is currently on a short spring break tour, and are selling a shirt I designed based on the new song February, 1878. They also asked me to silkscreen some posters for the tour, so I roped in honorary bear Allie Smith to help illustrate the rabbit from that same song. Go grab some of this new merch at one of their upcoming shows!