Three Bears Design is an Ohio-based creative engagement collective that harnesses a variety of mediums—from cutting edge digital to handcrafted needlework, screenprinting and illustration—to craft compelling, emotionally engaging media experiences across all platforms.

Fluent in modern design, branding, content development and practical implementation, Three Bears exists at the intersection of graphic design, narrative storytelling and contemporary culture and is uniquely positioned to handle all challenges of the converging media landscape.

In short, whatever your creative need might entail, we can conceive it, produce it, brand it, package it, and even promote it.

Originally founded in 2006 by three artists in Northeast Ohio, Three Bears Design has since expanded its ranks to become much more than just a design company; instead, we’re pushing the boundaries of what a creative collective of friends is capable of.  Through our network of artists, we are simply able to meet any creative needs that you might have.  We’ve had the honor of being featured by several distinguished art publications, and have worked with a diverse clientele, including Microsoft, XL Records, Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records, Akron Children’s Hospital, and a massive roster of bands, musicians, and recording artists.