Are you hiring?

  • Unfortunately no. We’re a small studio and prefer to keep things simple.

Do you have internships?

  • Sorry, we don’t.

I’ve looked through your website and your portfolio, but am unsure if you will be able to meet my specific design needs. I see you’ve done lots of stuff for bands, but what kind of other stuff do you do?

  • We’re all about imagination fruition, and delight in whatever stimulates that in our minds and in the minds and hearts of others. We’ve undertaken a myriad of work for musicians, record labels, authors, publishers, and more, and pride ourselves on collaborative creativity with all of them. However, we additionally have extensive background in brand & identity design, pre-production packaging design, and ongoing awareness of the creative trends & needs within a wide variety of industries and methods of practice. Essentially, what it comes down to is this: if you have a creative need, we can work with you to meet it.

What kind of pricing do you have for projects?

  • Our pricing is quoted on a project-by-project basis, and is defined through consideration of our client’s needs (i.e. complexity of project, timeframe & deadline) and financial capabilities. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know typical ranges of pricing that we’ve offered for comparable projects in the past.

I have a CD release show lined up in a month – I’d love to have you do the design for my album. So, wanna? Huh, huh?!? Wanna?

  • We love you, but we want you to meet our dear friend, Reality. He and you probably need to know each other well. We want to create artwork for you that pleases you to no end, but doing so takes time. We HIGHLY recommend not scheduling your CD release until the physical copies are in your hands. If you’ve got a need for album layout & design, come talk with us.

Can you do work for free? We promise it will be good exposure for you.

  • No, please don’t ask us.

Our band leaves to tour Mongolia in a week. I’m writing to ask you if you’d be able to design two t-shirts for us. What do you think?

  • Ain’t gonna happen. Don’t get us wrong – we would love to work with you to bring you sweet radness in the form of designs that blow your mind. Realistically, however, letting us know about your need a week or two before your deadline probably won’t lend itself to our being able to work with you. High quality work takes time, both to formulate in collaboration with you and to complete/send it to the printer/get that stuff printed & mailed to you. We’re willing to consider projects that have a highly pressing deadline, but be aware that a) we prefer having some time to work with you in order to bring you something you love, and b) an additional rush fee may be likely.

If I had you design my band’s t-shirts or album, would you print it yourselves, or do you go through someone else to do that sort of thing?

  • We work closely with a number of fine printers (whose output we adore), and have an extensive list of options & suggestions for you in this arena. Please contact us directly for further information. We’ve been known to do screen-printing, but on an uncommon basis. We can recommend some great printers, though!

Why Three Bears Design?

  • There are simply so many reasons, but here are a few:
    a) Waking us up during a period of hibernation is simply not a very wise idea.
    b) We were originally just three, but have since expanded the ol’ ranks.
    c) We’ve bottled Awesomeness and now sell, consume, and wear it as a fragrance.