Grow My Roots

This is our cover for the new EP Grow my Roots by Come Wind. The EP releases tomorrow, and you can get an exclusive early stream over at Alternative Press! Visit their online store to order the CD.


Charlene Kaye – Animal Love

At long last, here is the cover for Charlene Kaye‘s new album Animal Love. Credits; Photograph by Shervin Lainez, styling by Kimberly Chou, makeup by Paloma Bassani, feather headpiece by Anne Koch, illustration & text by Cheryl Andrey, and graphic design by Charlie Wagers. The album drops May 1st! Listen to the new single, Animal Love I, below:


Let Yourself Be Huge

Here is our cover for the new Cloudkicker album Let Yourself Be Huge. The album is being released on CD & limited edition 10″ colored vinyl. You can purchase the CD, as well as a t-shirt and poster we made, right now on Bandcamp. The vinyl will be out in a few weeks.

Joy Kills Sorrow

We’d never previously had the pleasure of working with a ‘modern American string band’, and so had few preconceptions going into things when Emma Beaton of Boston-based Joy Kills Sorrow contacted us about creating the artwork and design for their new album, This Unknown Science. After listening to the record, it became readily apparent to us that the band seamlessly and with great ease fuses elements of bluegrass, rock, pop, and jazz into their own distinct contribution to a thriving international folk scene, creating an album that is a joy to listen to.  In addition, the five members of Joy Kills Sorrow came to the table highly prepared with a definitive aesthetic vision for the artwork that should accompany the songs they’d worked so hard on, something that we always find refreshing in our line of work.  It was decided that the imagery of the album should pay homage to the ancient, strange, and decidedly esoteric roots of modern science, leading to the inclusion of everything from illustrated archaic microscopes to hand-drawn astrolabes (oddly beautiful instruments used by seafarers in older times).

Thanks again to Emma and the rest of our new friends in Boston for the opportunity to work with them on this release!  Be sure to check it out!

Giants & Beware of Safety Split 7″

This just went up for pre-order, the latest release from The Mylene Sheath; a split 7″ between Giants & Beware of Safety. I hand-printed and hand-numbered 500 copies of inserts for the record. There are three different colors to choose from. Each vinyl color’s insert corresponds with that color of vinyl (red vinyl = red insert, etc.), 100 copies of “Wild Cherry” (translucent red), 200 copies of “Blu-Rasberry” (translucent blue), and 200 copies of “Limeade” (yup, translucent green). Each copy has a hand screenprinted cover with glow in the dark ink! These are printed on thick stock French Paper with the vinyl inserted into a thick black paper inner sleeve. Get you some or become an eBay hater later