Making the Netherlands proud: Lea Vervoort.

We recently had the distinct pleasure of being asked to act in an advisory role by the talented Lea Vervoort, an illustrator, designer, and student at the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost, in the South of the Netherlands. For one of her classes, Lea was required to re-design the packaging for a favorite album of hers. Apparently, Lea’s not afraid of facing down challenges – she chose to re-design Takk by Sigur Ros (also a favorite band of ours), an album whose layout is already considered by many to be a fine example of beauty in packaging.

Encouraging Lea in her creative process was a blast for us – she genuinely took our suggestions and made them entirely her own, creating packaging that we would have been proud to feature in our own portfolios. Great work, Lea! Needless to say, we’re hoping that her instructors give her high marks – she deserves it!

We can design for the new Myspace!

Myspace recently announced a new overhaul on their website. And the layout for band pages has been completely revamped, and much nicer. We’ve been working directly with our friend, and honorary bear, Josh Minnich, to create layouts that function with this new myspace design. Check out some of the new layouts we’ve recently completed, click the images to go the full myspace pages.

New Website!

If you’ve visited our website before right now, then you’re probably noticing some changes (we hope). After several months of hibernation, we’ve been hard at work on this new site, and lots of new work. We’re proud to finally have everything ready for you to see. So please take a look around, and feel free to let us know what you think.

Sweet Station Stickers

Honey over at Sweet Station just hooked us up with some free stickers. They are using these as a free promotional project to try and gain some more exposure to their site. Just over a year ago, Honey gave us some press on their fantastic design review website. I wanted to return the favor. Hit them up, and get yourself some free stickers.

Bear Gone Postal!

Just wanted to let all my furry friends know I have been fevorishly posting my own work, Three Bears work, and other design honey I have dipped my hands into. If you are interested in checking it out, please feel free to frequent my pages on the Behance Network & Design Related, and send me your thoughts.