mewithoutYou Gig Posters

If you couldn’t make it to mewithoutYou‘s show last night in Akron, you definitely missed out. But you can still have a piece of the evening, as a very small quantity of the gig-posters are now available online. The image is based from lyrics to their song Cattail Down. Aaron Weiss and I originally had a similar idea for a t-shirt design last summer, but we ended up pursuing other ideas. So I decided to re-visit this concept to use for a poster. The closing verse to the song is written out along the bottom part of the image.

The prints are 25″ x 19″ on French Speckletone Cream paper, 100wt. 3-colors, hand-printed, limited edition of only 50 prints, signed, stamped & numbered. The posters are available to purchase in our online store, here.

Frightened Rabbit Poster

Grant & Scott from Frightened Rabbit asked me to make a poster for one of their shows on this upcoming tour, so I gladly chose Cleveland. For the image, I referenced lyrics from their song Skip the Youth“I’ve been digging that hole tonight, on my knees beneath the moon…” You can grab a silkscreened print at the Cleveland show of their current tour, or our online store after. Limited to 50, hand-pulled copies. See more images on my personal blog.

Giants & Beware of Safety Split 7″

This just went up for pre-order, the latest release from The Mylene Sheath; a split 7″ between Giants & Beware of Safety. I hand-printed and hand-numbered 500 copies of inserts for the record. There are three different colors to choose from. Each vinyl color’s insert corresponds with that color of vinyl (red vinyl = red insert, etc.), 100 copies of “Wild Cherry” (translucent red), 200 copies of “Blu-Rasberry” (translucent blue), and 200 copies of “Limeade” (yup, translucent green). Each copy has a hand screenprinted cover with glow in the dark ink! These are printed on thick stock French Paper with the vinyl inserted into a thick black paper inner sleeve. Get you some or become an eBay hater later

They, The Undeserving

I just finished up the new sleeves for a limited run of GiantsThey, The Undeserving.” The record has been out of print for several months, but the band has an extra 100 un-packaged LP’s, so they had me screenprint a run of new sleeves for this limited run. 100 hand-numbered, hand-pulled sleeves. They are all ready to ship out to the label and to the band. There they will hand-insert the records and everything into Plastic Sleeves. Check the Mylene Sheath in the near future to pick up this limited run.

Save the Date!

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of these for a while now but I figured I should wait until I had at least some of them in the mail…we’re still trying to gather addresses for everyone else. I designed them myself and fellow bear, Charlie, screen printed them for us. I’m really pleased with the result and I’m hoping they don’t get too trashed in their journey through the US postal service.