Sospiri Tattoo

A few months ago, I posted about our friend James, who got the Conductor, from the cover of The Winston Jazz Routine‘s Sospiri record tattooed on his arm. James just sent me these nice photos of the tattoo, all healed up. It’s nice to see the ink, now that it is free of scabs, and cleanly healed up. Also, check out James’s band HERE.

The Fray <3′s Three Bears <3′s The Fray

Spending a few days with my dear friend David. Tonight we were at Riverbend Amphitheater. in my childhood city, Cincinnati. Dave was kind enough sport his new Three Bears Ohio T-Shirt, (to commemorate his visit) on stage during their set. So I snapped a few photos from the press gate during the show. Also, we are about to re-print these shirts (we’ve run out of stock is size Medium) and are also printing girls sizes, in case the XS wasn’t small enough for the ladies.

YFM in Alternative Press

My buddy Aaron just gave me last month’s issue of Alternative Press. I didn’t realize this until after the issue was circulated, but Aaron gave me the copy because Yours For Mine‘s album “Dear Children” was featured as one of the staff picks. It’s always fun to see your work in an unexpected sighting.

Flipd Logo in use

We Bears love creative collaboration and we also love to see what others create once we have set the visual design in motion. ┬áHere is a great example of us creating the brandmark for “Flipd” and Joel Harris (Middle School Pastor & Instigator of Justice for First Friends in Canton, Ohio) developing other materials once we passed the baton to him. ┬áThis is fantastic Joel!

Our work, first time being Tattooed

A nice fellow named James just sent me this photo of his newly decorated right arm. It’s a piece from the work we did for The Winston Jazz Routine‘s “Sospiri.” He also asked me to possibly send him some other pieces of the work to go along with it. We’ve had a few requests for images to use as tattoo’s, but as far as I know, this is the first one to actually be stuck under someone’s skin (so to speak.) He just got it the other day, so in this photo it is still in the oozy-dripping-bloody-swelled-up stage. Can’t wait to see it bright and healed.

Speak of The Winston Jazz Routine, Nathan has recently killed the moniker, and is now making music under his given name, Nathan Phillips. And if you are in the Northern Ohio area, he has a show tomorrow (Sunday) evening, in Bellville, Ohio, with Julie Lee, and long time friend (and client) Aaron Roche, on their tour via Calvin’s Festival of Faith and Music.